The “Instagram Diet” – Eat More or Eat Less

Eat More or Eat LessAdmit it. Since the birth of the endless possibilities brought about by a digital camera and social media, the habit of taking a photograph of every food that we see have become so much of an obsession already. It seemed that so many people are so into posting food photos much more than their own self-ies. Sure, it’s a pleasure to look at sometimes but there are also times when it really hurts just to look at it especially if you’re on a diet.

Well, you’ll be very glad to know that there is actually a study that has proven that looking at this food photos can affect one’s appetite. Yes, the “Instagram Diet” does have a use after all.

The study conducted at the Brigham Young University found out that staring at food photos can affect our taste receptors making the real ones taste poorly and unsatisfying. The observation was made on a number of participants who were given different kinds of food pictures, from sweets to salty foods, and then they were asked to have some peanuts. The participants were asked how they would rank the peanuts’ taste and the results were amazing. Those who have been staring at salty food pictures said that they didn’t really enjoyed the peanuts compared to those who have been staring at Eat More or Eat Less1sweets who said that they liked it.

The co-author of the study, Ryan Elder explained that this is because the brain is sort of conditioned to have had enough of the taste even just by staring at the picture or the actual food itself. This can have an effect on our food intake. Since you appreciate the food’s tasteless, the less you can eat as well.

There you have it. Now you have a reason to look, or not to look, at those Intagram food pictures now – depending if you want to eat more or eat less.